Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Lidl Have Winter Fashion Covered

Hey Ladies, 

One thing you see very rarely on my blog is fashion posts and honestly that is because I have no sense of style at all! Recently I was invited by Lidl to take a gander at their upcoming Autumn/Winter clothing collection and before you even think "why would I buy Lidl clothing?" just hold onto that thought until the end of this post. I was curious as I am sure you are too, to see what they had created and I was so surprised. I walked into my dream wardrobe... chunky knits, statement coats, slinky lingerie and gym gear!

For me Autumn/Winter is all about the cosy wooly jumpers, big scarfs and boots. Lidl have put together a capsule collection that will get you through the holiday season super stylishly. And in Lidl fashion these items launch throughout October and I can see this collection being a total sell out! The images you see below were all styled by the incredible Corina Gaffey. I have also included prices so you have an idea how CHEAP these pieces are so looking fab doesn't have to break the bank. 

I will be front and centre in the queue to get the printed jumper dress and will stop at nothing to get one in my size and that fur gilet.... TO DIE FOR 😍

This is the important part, they gym gear goes on sale on Thursday...yes Thursday. 
You've been forewarned... see you in the queue. 

 Dress - €12.99 available in December 
Coat - €24.99 available in October 

Dress - €12.99 available in December 

Black Gilet Waistcoat - €14.99 November   
Top - €4.99 available in December 
Skirt - €6.99 available in December 

Bra - €7.99 available in December 
Underwear - €6.99 available in December 

Black sports bra - €9.99 available in October 
Leggings - €16.99 available in October 

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